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Shymkent State Medical University is located in Shymkent. The University is Kazakh Government Research University. This University promotes clinical care, education, as well as research. The university has a considerable and outstanding faculty. According to the standard rules of activity of the academic council of the higher educational institution, deputies approved by the order of executive body of the ministry of education and science of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Shymkent, a city of South Kazakhstan is situated in the Valley of Sayram River at the foothills of Ugam range. Shymkent has the population of about 647,000. It is considered as one of the populated cities of Kazakhstan. Shymkent is the third largest city of Kazakhstan, as well as the essential railway junction.

Shymkent State Medical Universy is one of the world-class medical universities and has earned top position in the list of medical universities all across the globe. Since the establishment of the University, over 11,000 students have taken admissions in the medical universities and provide the best medical education. The faculty and staff of the University is highly-qualified.

Student life


Shymkent State Medical University has the perfect surroundings for studies as well as leisure. There is an Extra Curricular Department which includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, power lifting, chess, and mountain climbing classes. Both the staff and the students have the opportunity to spend their summer vacations there.

Within the campus, there is a gym, and swimming pool for students as well as faculty members. There is a spacious library with over 10,000 books.


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