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Why Study in Grmany

Germany is an ideal destination for studying overseas with its world-class education and thrilling urban life. It has a welcoming culture and accepts immigrants from all over the world. With a Germany study visa, you can have access to world class education.The German economy is vast and has infinite opportunities for overseas students.

  1. Universities in Germany charge low tuition fees or have no tuition fees at all but students have to pay a nominal amount of administrative fees.
  2. Overseas students in Germany have numerous funding and scholarship options
  3. German Universities have a good number of programs taught in English
  4. Overseas students can enjoy a high standard of living for low costs
  5. Overseas graduates from German Universities have numerous job options
  6. Universities in Germany have a multi-ethnic and international ambiance
  7. A wide range of Universities and Courses are available to choose from
  8. Freedom to travel and visit other European Countries

Cost of studying in Germany

Overseas students can study for free at public universities in Germany. However, there is an enrollment, administration and confirmation charge per semester that must be paid by them. This varies depending on the type of university – private or public and the chosen course.

Do note that only public universities offer free education. Their admission criteria includes fluency in the German language.

Private universities charge tuition fees, which is variable based on the course you wish to study. However, the tuition fee in German universities is usually on the lower end of the spectrum and is quite affordable when compared to other countries such as Canada, U.S. or even Australia.

Study Program Average Tuition Fees in €
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree €500 -€20,000 yearly
Postgraduate Master’s Degree €5,000 – €30,000 yearly

Popular Universities

Listed below are some of the popular universities of Germany

Technical University, Munich

Humboldt University of Berlin

Ludwig Maximilian University

Freie Universität Berlin

Ruprecht Karl University

RWTH Aachen University

IT Courses in Germany

There are a few courses that come under the Information Technology domain, and it will be beneficial for you to get a list of the popular courses. We have listed them below for your reference.

  1. Business and IT
  2. Computing
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Information Technology Management
  6. IT Management
  7. IT Security Management
  8. Informatic

Intakes in Germany

Universities in Germany have diverse deadlines for application. However, these two general timelines are broadly applicable if you wish to study in Germany:

Intake 1: Summer Semester – The summer semester is between March to August. The application must be submitted prior to January 15th every year.

Intake 2: Winter Semester –The winter semester is between September to February or October to March. The application must be submitted prior to July 15th every year

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Careers & Industry Insights

Germany is fast becoming one of the most favoured choices for international education with hundreds of thousands of students seeking an entry in German universities. This country offers an unparalleled learning ecosystem known for producing high quality graduates who achieve high employability and better salaries in the global job market.


  • More than 400 state-recognised institutions of higher education
  • 20,000 different study programmes to choose from
  • Germany boasts of having over 400,000 international students
  • Post Study Work Visa up to 1.5 Years
  • Study in Europe’s strongest economy

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