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The United States of America has established itself as a prominent figure in the realm of education and takes pride in having a significant number of highly ranked universities, as recognized by all major international rankings. There are few countries that can match the USA in terms of the abundance of prestigious universities and esteemed academic figures, including Nobel laureates.

Why Study in USA?

  1. Academic Excellence: The USA offers world-renowned universities and colleges known for their high-quality education and research opportunities.
  2. Diverse Educational Choices: Students can choose from a wide range of programs and disciplines to match their interests and career goals.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Studying in the USA allows students to experience a rich and diverse cultural environment, fostering personal growth and global awareness.
  4. Career Opportunities: The USA provides access to a thriving job market with numerous internship and employment prospects, enhancing future career prospects.
  5. Global Networking: Studying in the USA facilitates connections with students and professionals from around the world, building an international network for future collaborations.
  • USA hosts more than a million international students
  • Over 25% of world’s top 100 universities are in the USA
  • Post-study stay back visas (OPT) up to 3 years for STEM programs
  • Internships (CPT) up to 12 months while studying
  • Merit Based & Need Based Scholarships
  • Over 4500 accredited universities & institutions to choose from
  • 12 of the best student cities in the world (QS Best Student Cities 2023)
  • Opportunities for Research, Teaching & Graduate Assistantships

Popular Universities

Listed below are some of the popular universities of UK

University of Connecticut

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Arizona State University, Phoenix

University of Massachusetts Amherst

George Washington University

University of California, Riverside

Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Drexel University, Philadelphia

A look at

Careers & Industry Insights

One of the most technologically powerful and dynamic countries, USA is the largest & most dominant economy globally. Sectors that empower this world’s most productive economy include Healthcare, Technology, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance and Real Estate. Top jobs with high remuneration prospects for international students include Medicine, Computer & Information Systems Managers, Architectural & Engineering Managers and Marketing & Financial Managers. Standard of living in the USA is among the highest in the world with high per capita income. This nation performs very well in many measures of well-being such as income & wealth, health status, jobs and earnings, education & skills and environmental quality.

Popular Courses

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